General Information

Children below 10 years of age should be supervised by an adult at all times

Children below 2 years of age are not permitted inside the snow area.

Senior Citizens especially people with joint issues, asthmatic patients, heart patients, are to avoid entering the snow zone

Snow jackets, gloves, boots and earplugs are provided with purchase of admission tickets

Put away your personal belongings in the locker provided to you. If the locker key is lost, you will be fined

Mobiles and cameras are not allowed in the snow zone. Please approach the in-house photographers to get yourself clicked.

Follow the staff instructions at all times

Safety Instructions (Do’s)

Be dressed in proper attire i.e., snow jackets, gloves, boots and earplugs while entering the snow area

Consult the doctor before entering the snow area if you are:


Suffering from any medical conditions related to the heart, back, neck, asthma, etc

Suffering from any other medical condition which can get aggravated

Deposit mobiles and cameras at the counters before entering the snow area.

Use dustbins at all times to dispose off waste

Code of Conduct (Don’ts)

Do not litter the snow area

Run down the slope

Slide without using the tube or mat

Disturb other visitors or ambience

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